1. Designed, constructed and sold with dependability in mind
  2. Steril manufactures, assembles and ships from its own factory
  3. Ready for instant use. All equipment needed for safe erection.
  4. Openings in canvas have heavy leather both inside and out.
  5. An elegant cover without a center pole to contend with.
  6. Extremely safe built to withstand all types of inclement weather.
  7. Choice of many colors and fabrics that are flame retardant, water proof and mildew resistant.
  8. Contains a folding aluminum frame with aluminum and pressed steel parts and arches made of hickory.
  9. Unit construction enables sizes to be made smaller or larger.
  10. The tent is leveled by the corner poles which are adjusted on the stakes, with pillow rings to prevent sinking.
  11. Corner poles are permanently hinged to arch assembly so they cannot come off.
  12. Sectional frame does not need to be taken apart, simply fold up or unfold like a pocket knife.
  13. It is remarkable the simplicity of this frame, one person can handle the installation, this will save you time and labor.
  14. All parts are available for the customer to repair the frame.
  15. Steel corner pole stakes can be driven into hard frozen ground.
  16. Steril tents are easy to store, the frame breaks down into 2, 3 and 4 sections, making it very convenient for all customers.
Steril Tents
The Steril Chapel Tent is simply the finest tent available to the funeral industry.  We manufactured our first one in 1924.  Every single Steril Chapel Tent is still constructed with our unique folding anodized aluminum frame.  This frame makes the tent easy to store, easy to handle, and a snap to erect.  We've been trying to beat this design since 1924, and haven't yet. 
Custom Built
Each Steril Chapel Tent is still custom made.  We will tailor your tent to your specific needs.  Each of our customers has their own unique set of needs.  Difference in climate, terrain, and taste vary widely among our customers.  We've made hundreds of fabric colors and patterns available, so you can order the product that will serve your needs for decades. 
Hillside Set-Up
Any size Steril Chapel Tent can be erected on a hillside using the standard equipment as furnished with the tent.  For more severe gradients, we can send you longer steel corner stakes.  Steril Chapel Tents are in service from Coast to Coast, in climates as varied as Appalachia to the prairies of North Dakota. 

Why Buy a Steril?
Steril originated the idea of supporting the canvas top by means of a folding frame. We combined the strength and rigidity of aluminum tubing with the toughness and flexibility of hickory.  Using these materials eliminated the need for interior poles and made every square foot of overhead coverage useable.

Steril Tents - Sizes and Styles
Whether you are a first-time customer or an old business friend, we've tried to make ordering from us easy.  You can choose your tent from the following pages, then simply email your order or phone us at 1-800-369-6999.  We are here to help you from 8 am to 5 pm Central Time.

Facts About A Steril Tent
  • Steril MFG. CO. designed a portable tent to meet all requirements which the ordinary pole tent lacked.
  • Steril originated the idea of supporting the canvas by means of a folding framework combining the strength of aluminum tubing with the toughness and flexibility of hickory; this eliminated the need of interior poles and made every square foot of coverage useful.
  • This new and novel construction was patented to protect the purchaser from imitations and ourselves as well, since many thousands of dollars had to be invested in machinery, dies and forming tools to make the Steril tent sell at a price within the reach of all.
  • We manufacture, assemble and ship the Steril tent from our factory. It is constructed for you in the size and color of your choice. It has proven to be a huge success; saving many dollars for its owners. It has been one of their best and safest investments.
  • Steril MFG. CO. has faithfully served the funeral trade since 1910, and is now offering an all occasion Tent. 

Other Tent Accessories
  • Straight sides and back walls
  • Sun extension grommets on walls.
  • Straps in place of top hooks.
  • Northern wall finished two ways.
  • Divided front wall for door.
  • Windows for your walls, removable or Permanent.

Mound “A” Sloping Style Back Wall
  • 12’-16’ Wide by 7’ Deep; to enclose dirt cover.

Mound “B” Box Effect Back Wall
  • 12’-16’ Wide by 7’ Deep by 3’ High at Rear; to Enclose the Earth Box.

Steril 14’x 16’ Oval Chapel Roll Around Tent
The Roll Around Steril has all the same qualities ar our regular oval Chapel tent except for the following additions:
  • Galvanized steel legs.
  • 4 zinc-plated wheels for corrosion resistance.
  • Universal hitch.
  • Reversible tow package to allow access into hard to get places.
  • Lightweight, so it is easily moved.
  • Has a dignified apperence, even on wheels.

Steril 15’x 15’ Monet Tent
Advantages of the Steril Monet Tent:
  • All parts are crafted from American metal.
  • Galvanized steel and schedual 40 anodized aluminum frames.
  • Tent Connecting parts and fixtures are made in malleable steel.
  • Snap-together parts make it quicker to assemble and disassemble.
  • 85% stronger yokesReinforced flanges for extra support.
  • Slanted crown surfaces for a snug fit.
  • Corners have 3 layers of reinforcements.
  • Peak is reinforced with vinyl and genuine rawhide leather. 
  • Straps are reinforced by 3 layers of webbing.
  • The heaviest duty anti-wick thread is used to prevent leaks, which will not pull apart.
  • Spur grommets used for added strength.
  • Steril’s exclusive seam-binding from tent corner to peak, with reinforced 2” black flat elastic, to protect the tent seams.
Sun Roofs
  • 12’,14’,16’, & 18’, available all sun roofs are 8’ long
  • Drawstring Duffle-Style
  • Two Handle Bag
  • Four Handle Bag
  • No Handle Bag
  • Tent Pole covers
  • Chain Bags
  • Chair Covers
  • Frame Covers
Call for pricing for our fire retardant materials and some of our accessories. All other pricing can be found in our catalog.



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