Funeral & Cemetery Tents
The Monet

15' X 15' folding tent with all metal parts and superior fabric top. 
Quality Tops
Quick 'n Easy straps allows the top to be fastened in seconds.  Snap together parts make it quicker to assemble and disassemble.  Cuts labor time in half. Reinforced with top grain cow hide for durablity.  Can be sewn from Acrilon or Duck, depending on usage.
85% Stronger Yokes, reinforced flanges for extra support, slanted crown surfaces for a snug fit, dependable corner pieces, guaranteed to be rust-free, all parts made in America.

Oval Funeral Tents

Our oval funeral tents can be found all over the country.

The quality of construction, ease of assembly, and amazing support staff truly makes this one of the best tents on the market.


Available in various colors and design please call so we can find a tent that best fits your needs.

Roll Around

14' X 16' Canvas Funeral Chapel Tent on wheels - Walls and mounds are available. Simple to install, all parts are ready to assemble, zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

Guaranteed no flat tires, 4 Zinc plated wheels for corrosion resistance, light weight and easy to use by hand, universal Hitch, reversible tow package to allow access into hard-to-get-to places (Optional).
Quality Tops
We offer a variety of canvas colors, Top Grain Leather reinforced canvas, removable and permanent name panel options available.
Galvanized steel legs.

Custom Tents
Party Tents

Custom party tents available for your events.


We can design and build tents in various sizes and colors.


Contact us to get a quote.

Parts & Accessories
The Hammer

We listened to our customers and their concerns. It was for this reason we invented a custom stake hammer that won't damage your stakes during setup.


This amazing hammer is one of a kind. Call for pricing and availibility.


1.  Thumb Screw for Corner Pole
2.  Hexagonal Nut (aluminum) to weld to Corner Pole
3.  Corner Pole (regular - 2" x 6'6") with Rivet
4.  Pressed Steel End, for Corner Pole with Rivet
5.  Coupling Nut, not drilled for rivet (see No. 15 for drilled nut)
6.  Pressed Steel Eave End for Truss Hickory, complete with Rivets
7.  Hickory Strips (3/4" x 2") with Rivets, for Truss
8. Aluminum Cross Bars, complete with Pressed Steel Ends & Spring Clip
   12' (two 5'7" bars complete)
   14' (two 6'7" bars complete)
   15' (two 7'2" bars complete)
   16' (two 7'8" bars complete)


9.  Spring Clip for Cross Bar with Rivets
10.  Pressed Steel End for Connecting Bar, Nut Welded on
11.  Aluminum Connecting Bar with Pressed Steel Ends, Nuts welded on 
      16' Trusses:

      12' and 14' Trusses:

      15' Trusses

      1 or 2 pc. 8'4"  Tent No.     18 
      1 or 2 pc. 9'4" Tent No's.  1, 2, 3 
      1 or 2 pc. 11'4" Tent No's. 12, 24, 36 
      2 pc.  13'4" Tent No.    14 
      2 or 3 pc. 15'4"   
      Tent No. 16 
      1 or 2 pc. 8'4" Tent No.   9 
      1 or 2 pc. 9'4" Tent No's. 5, 20 
      1 or 2 pc. 11'4" Tent No's. 6, 112 
      2 pc. 13'4"  Tent No's. 7, 114 
      2 or 3 pc. 15'4"    
      Tent No's. 8, 116 
      2 or 3 pc. 14'4"  Tent No.   115 
      1 or 2 pc. 8'4"   
      Tent No. 118
12.  Cross Bar End with Rivet
13.  Jam Nut for Connecting Bar End
14.  Pressed Steel Gable End for Truss Hickory with Rivets
15.  Stud Bolt with 2 - #5 Coupling Nuts with Rivets
16.  Swivel with 2 Stud Bolt Rivets
17.  Truss Hook (state size of tent)
18.  Acrylic Spacers for Swivel (2 needed)
19.  Wing Headed Coupling Bolts (1/2" X 3 1/4")
20.  Brace Rods (state size of tent) 


NOTE:  If you are looking for a specific size, we will custom make any tent to meet your needs. all 1-800-369-6999 for pricing.  All prices FOB Omaha, NE.  Our merchandise is guaranteed for manufacturer defects only. Exchanges only on non-repairable merchandise. Abused merchandise will not be accepted for return.



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